Our Philosophy

An approach structured around your needs, interests and goals.

At Pegasus we recognize that no two clients are alike. We work carefully with each client, using a team approach, to review your personal circumstances, goals and objectives to determine the proper style of investment that is appropriate. Pegasus then creates a distinctively structured portfolio that continuously adapts with the changing investment and economic environment along with your evolving financial situation.

With Pegasus you have the unique opportunity to work directly with your portfolio managers, allowing you complete transparency and access to the thinking behind your investments. All our research and investment decisions are performed in-house without the use of outside third-party managers. Pegasus selects both the allocation between asset classes as well as the specific equities, preferred stocks, fixed income instruments and cash equivalents. Your account is clear, concise, specifically tailored, and tax efficient. We do not adhere to any traditional style of management such as growth, value, top down, bottom up or momentum. These are just easy catch phrases. We believe in choosing the best companies and assets for the current and future economic landscapes, understanding that market environments change requiring both prudent active management and calm patience. Supported by portfolio managers with a combined 60 years of managing money, Pegasus invests your money wisely, thoughtfully and specifically for you.

Our Services

Customized discretionary investment advisory services

To coordinate our money management services, strategies and traditional advice with your unique financial situation, we offer the following additional benefits, when mutually agreed upon and appropriate.

  • Review of financial assets and liabilities
  • Establishing current goals and objectives
  • Integrate investment, retirement, and estate plans into one consolidated strategy
  • Coordinate strategies and planning with outside advisers (legal, accounting, insurance. etc.)
  • Continuous advice and counsel regarding all financially significant life events

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Pegasus Asset Management

Creating a foundation for your financial future.